New hobbies, mother’s day madness, and Moose kisses…

I am happy to report that I’ve survived the end of my spring 2013 college semester (hallelujah!!) -even though I won’t know what my final grades are until next week….it still feels good to have testing and exams over with !!!
And I’m sure my puppy couldn’t agree more ! For with the conclusion of exams and a strict school schedule- comes endless days of long walks, hikes, camping, and dog park excursions šŸ™‚

is it sad that most of my daily activities all revolve around my dog?

Oh well, I suppose there are worse things in life.
Anywho, today is mother’s day! So happy mother’s day to any moms who happen to be reading this?! I am so blessed and glad that I got to spend most of the day with my super amazing mom. Moose even partook in the celebrating by being on his best behavior when she was around (what a good boy ā¤Ā ).
In other news, I have recently started takingĀ horseback-ridingĀ lessons at a local stable. I was an avid equestrian when I was younger and am so looking forward to getting back in to it ! And now, with the conclusion of school, I have even more time to spend there- yayyyy!
Too bad dogs aren’t allowed šŸ˜¦
I am currently just perfecting basic ground work- walk, trot, canter (being aware of position, diagnals, lead changes, etc; ). Can’t wait to get into the more advanced stuff !
Wishing there was a way I couldĀ incorporateĀ the moose-man in my new hobbie though…I feel so guilty every time I leave him!


Well, at least the fluffy man doesn’t hold grudges ā¤


pure love !


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