The Dog Park Debacle

Happiness is a warm puppy.

Dog parks, they are a truly glorious development. A place for people and their pups to gather in a safe and fun environment. One that encourages both dog and human socialization. Sadly, however, I feel that these sanctuaries are often abused by careless pet owners. Pet owners who simply use these places as an inadequate substitute to properly caring for their pets. One particular injustice that really gets my goat, is the belief that dumping your dog at the dog park for an hour, is an adequate replacement for taking a long pack walk.
It is not.
Dogs need to walk. They just do. Look it up in any scientific or philosophical article you want- it’s there.
If you own a dog, you need to walk it. Plain and simple.
The Veterinary association recommends two hours a day for large breeds and one hour for smaller breeds. Not only is this good for your dogs mental and physical health, it will also help you and your dog achieve a closer bond.

But despite this general knowledge; countless people continue to bring their un-exercised, un-trained, out of control dogs to our local dog park. It’s rather aggravating at times. Do you really think you’re going to accomplish anything by repetitively shrieking at your dog, telling it to sit down?
No, I think not.
Dogs do not respond well to frustration.
By shrieking at your dog, shouting ‘bad dog’ and waving your arms frantically- you are only adding fuel to the fire. It’s a relatively sad thing to watch, in all honesty. Dogs never do anything on purpose or out of spite- it is up to us to teach them what is appropriate behavior, up to us to provide them with the daily exercise they need.

So the next time your feeling exasperated with your pooch, take him for a long walk- and then bring him to the dog park.

Moose is pooped after our dogpark adventure!


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