The Pet-Name Conundrum

Love, it’s an emotion any pet owner cannot help but have towards their beloved four-footed friends. I will be the first to admit that I often cannot contain the adoration that I have for my own fur-baby. Thus, I am forced to display such adoration in a shower of quirky nicknames and general acclamation. Which is all good and fun- until you begin to use the same slew of adoring nicknames and phrases on your significant other.
For the most part, I tend to stick with simple variations of Moose and words that sound like it. And over the past two years I’ve certainly come up with a rather impressive wordbank of superb pet-names. For example; Moose Caboose, Moose Juice, Moose Munch, Mooskiteer, Moogie, Moosh, Moogles, Smush, Mush Smush, Moosie Woosie, and Moosie Goosie- are a meager few in the grand scheme of Moose-pseudonyms out there.

However, it seems to be the other (more generic) names wrought with adoration and love that have been getting me into trouble lately. Names like Smoochie, love bug, cutey booty, and fluffy butt (to name a few)- are simply too difficult to keep from my tongue.
I cannot help it that those are the names I resort to when my boyfriend happens to do something particularly adorable. And truth be told, things were all good and well until my super Scandinavian man-friend began to realize the similarities between my nicknames for him and my dog.
It is a fact of life which I still receive flack for to this very day!

But in my opinion, I think the boyfriend should be supremely glad, rather than scorned, that I think him worthy of such loving nicknames. It only shows that I hold him in the same realm of greatness that I hold my beloved Smoochie Moo !

The two loves in my life ❤


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